Meet Rhonda Funk, Founder of Bring It On! Communications
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know she is a lot like you! She has written three children’s books in her new series Pookster and Bubs™ (Fish Pond Kids, 2010 & 2011) and has two other non-fiction books in the works. Rhonda is also a singer/songwriter and has traveled the United States sharing her testimony and music, much like you do, or are about to do with your book.

Some experience highlights are:
-Working for and traveling with Best Selling Author and Speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd (Love Letters From the King, Prayers to the King, His Little Princess, and His Mighty Warrior, just to name a few)

-Marketing Executive for KMCQ Radio designing marketing plans and ad campaigns, creative talk points and publicity. Also she was a Regional News Reporter and occasional on-air personality conducting interviews and generating lively, up to date stories.

-Rhonda Funk Music Ministries where she has written and produced three independent Christian albums, (and according to Drew of the Drew Marshall Show, Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk back radio, she’s sort of a Keith Green and a rare industry gem, you can decide for yourself). www.rhondafunk.com

Fun Facts: Rhonda has been an extra in three episodes of the TV series Leverage on TNT (Timothy Hutton) Season 2 The Fairy God Parents, The Bottle Job, and Season 3 The Reunion Job, and can even be seen-well at least the side of her head-in the blockbuster movie Extraordinary Measures (Harrison Ford, Brendon Fraser). Really! When Brendon runs in the hospital door near the beginning of the movie, she is the only head you see…but don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

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