For God and Country (In That Order) by Logan Mehl-LaituriLogan Mehl-Laituri

Logan Mehl-Laituri author of
FOR GOD AND COUNTRY (In that order)
Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals

Logan Mehl-Laituri, who speaks and writes broadly about veterans’ issues and Christian perspectives on militarism and nationalism, served in the Iraq War as a forward observer for the artillery before applying to change his status to noncombatant conscientious objector. After his discharge in 2006, he worked in Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams and co-founded Centurions Guild, a community of Christian soldiers, veterans, and their allies.

In his new book, For God and Country (In That Order); Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals, Mehl-Laituri creates an almanac of soldier saints and patriot pacifists from the front lines of church history. All stories which have been passed down by Christians of various ages have had measurable impacts on communities who took care to transmit them.

“The value is found not in whether the events surrounding these saints literally occurred,” explains Mehl-Laituri, “but, instead in what they do to shape us in the here and now. These soldiers are saints not for their own glory, but for ours, so that in reflecting upon them we may come to reflect the holiness in them.”

The book takes a politically relevant and theologically provocative approach which seeks to recapture the hearts and minds of Christians trapped between conflicting loyalties to faith and citizenship.

Mehl-Laituri adds, “By understanding Biblical history and the past heroes and saints who have come before us, we learn that Christian obedience is measured by its conformity to the command and nature of God, not necessarily the human officers appointed above us. My prayer is that this compilation of biographies will serve as a reminder of the God honoring service others have given before us, and that we will be drawn to not only how they served, but to who they served.”

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Logan holds a BA in Human Services from Hawaii Pacific University, and a certificate in Gender, Theology, Ministry and a Master of Theological Studies degree at Duke University. At Duke he served in a number of student veterans groups, convened the 2011 After the Yellow Ribbon conference on the effects of war on soldiers and veterans, and worked for a year as a co-coordinator of the Divinity School Women’s Center.

He has collaborated on Jesus For President (Zondervan, 2008), The Gospel of Rutba (Orbis, 2012), as well as Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream (Zondervan, 2012) and authored Reborn on the Fourth of July (InterVarsity, 2012). He is a member of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina, where he lives. His website is www.loganmehllaituri.com

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