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Former Senior Foreign Correspondent for TIME Magazine David Aikman believes the possibility of a second American Civil War is more imminent than ever before—and is something he may have eerily predicted in his novel, When The Almond Tree Blossoms first published in 1993. In it he addresses world politics, secret agendas, and ultimately biblical prophecy in this thriller which is proving to be more factual than fictional as time goes on.

Aikman says, “The country was highly polarized then, but the United States has become even more extreme than at the time when I first published the novel. It proves as a reminder of what’s at stake: not only freedom, but life and peace.”

Aikman began his reporting career with TIME Magazine in 1971. In the 23 years that followed, he reported from five continents and more than 55 countries, and wrote three consecutive Man of the Year cover stories. He interviewed numerous major world figures, from Mother Teresa to Manuel Noriega, from Alexander Solzhenitsyn to Pham Van Dong, from Boris Yeltsin to Billy Graham. Aikman was assigned to bureaus in Hong Kong, from where he covered the entire Asian region; in Beijing, China; in Berlin, Germany, where he covered all of Eastern Europe; and in Jerusalem, Israel, where he covered the entire Middle East. He was bureau chief in Berlin, Jerusalem and Beijing before returning to the United States to cover the State Department until his departure in 1994 to devote his time to writing books.

Since leaving TIME, he has authored ten books including The Mirage of Peace: Understanding the Never-Ending Conflict in the Middle East (Regal 2009), a comprehensive overview of the nations and societies of the strife-torn region and the historical roots of the intransigent conflicts that have defied attempts to bring a lasting peace.

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