Jeff Dixon

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Jeff Dixon, author of Unlocking The Kingdom (Deep River Books 2012) and The Key to the Kingdom (Deep River Books 2011) has been featured in CBA and other major events across the country (including NEXT2013, ICRS, Munce’s CPE, and the Retailing Reboot). Jeff is Deep River Book’s bestselling author with his mystery/thriller series which takes place in Walt Disney World.

Reaching further than the average reader, Jeff has broken into the biggest pool of fans-Disney fans! Featured on Disney fan radio shows, in publications and across the web, The Kingdom series books are riding the wave.

Jeff is a pastor in Florida, who is developing training material challenging Christians through Scripture and the life of Walt Disney.  He’s fascinating—a born encourager—and he knows more about the secrets of Disney World than the staff itself!" width="16" height="16" alt="social" border="0" /> social