W.J. (Bill) Daubney

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W.J. (Bill) Daubney, author of Open Your Hand Wide, American Poverty, Welfare, and the Power of Christian Compassion (Deep River Books, 2012)

The United States – viewed by the world as the land of plenty, yet every day many American families suffer from poverty. How can this be? How does it affect those in its grip? And, what is the responsibility of the believer in this area of need? Bill Daubney addresses the spiritual roots of poverty explaining why money and programs will never resolve the issue. Sharing stories from those who live in it each day, Daubney explains why those who are chronically poor can’t just “get a job” to solve their problems, how government has supplanted the church as the major caregiver for the poor, and what the average Christian can do to become engaged in caring for these families today. Daubney is the Executive Director of Hope Initiatives in Rochester, New York, which addresses poverty issues that he sees each day.

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