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Novel Misprint Causing Mayhem

April 18, 2013, Sisters Oregon—A file mix-up is to blame for misprinted books that are being distributed at major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Author Jeff Dixon, (The Key to the Kingdom and Unlocking the Kingdom), has been inundated with emails from frustrated Disney fans who have been receiving defective copies of […]

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Matt Oullette Book Signing, Taco Bell Style

January 8, 2013, Sisters, Oregon—Taco Bell® is the one place Matthew Ouellette feels he could say, “surprise me” and he would never be disappointed. Perhaps that is the reason he spends so many hours there—a time to ‘people watch’…contemplate life…take notes…and eat tacos. Little did Matt know, that the notes he scribbled on napkins, would […]

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“In my 14 years of working in Christian publishing, I’ve seldom encountered the kind of energy and creativity I see on a daily basis in my interactions with Rhonda Funk at Bring It On! Communications.

Of all of the tough decisions you’ll make in the publishing world, consider yourself fortunate to have one very easy choice in working with Rhonda!”

-Darren Henry, Vice President, Advocate Distribution Solutions

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